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Hi my name is Jeremy Holmes I am the founder of Flashsteam.com company. I have been an ASE re-certified Master Technician and Advanced Level Specialist. I am currently ASE certified until 2021.

My goal is to create an actual proof of concept Flash Steam Engine prototype, consequently the worlds first Four-cycle Steam-engine.

In the past many have tried to make a flash steam engine and have failed. There’s a reason for this, water under high pressure and temperature will not flash into 100% steam. At best 50% steam will be produced this way. This was learned when the Universal Injection Valve Assembly was constructed. US patent 6,928,992 US patent 7,552,715 The first attempt at addressing this was engine block heating. One of the concepts here on the site address this Heat of Rejection This addressed the problem during starting of the engine, but was not sustainable under constant running conditions. This was due to the limit of heating surface area available in the piston cylinder. However the using a four stroke steam engine cycle the problem can be solved. This is because the engine aspires a percentage of exhaust steam. This steam is actively used in the engine cycle and does not have to be condensed. I call this property of the engine cycle “conservation”. A modern Rankine Cycle cannot do this. At best, such as in the Williams Steam Cycle a maximum of 20% percentage of the exhaust stoke is re-used. It is not using a full cylinder of reheated superheated compressed steam as the four cycle steam engine uses. At that point (TDC) the injector releases pre heated water that is to be flashed into steam and will push the piston downward. Since the steam is already allocated for by aspiration of the engines intake stroke. Any heating along the pathway back into the engine can be superheated before, and the water injected will “de-superheat” the already existing steam and fully flash the water injected into the engine, causing a steam volume expansion.

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The fabricating the injector was a very challenging task, build a solenoid that operates on 12vdc and opens in .004s.To be able to do this the wire used a hollow center establishing water cooling of the conductor wound. To get maximum speed 300 amps at 12volt dc was needed, if the winding was not water cooled with a circulating pump, the injector could not cycle for extended periods of time.

The successful use of water cooling lead to this patent: http://www.google.com/patents/US8261575

It is a low volt dc motor that uses centrifugal force to force water or any nonconductive fluid thru its windings. This motor is useful for an Electric Vehicle. This type of motor differs from conventional EV motors that use both High voltage (ac) and high frequency. Its an ideal motor for those who want to use a cheaper and easier to construct EV.

Copy of electmassy101

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The Hybrid Convection Combustion System known informally as the Corn Burner. A patent has been applied for and we are awaiting a grant for this patent. This is the final patent I will be applying for at this time. This burner uses wood pellets or whole kernel corn as fuel. The combustion system took nearly 15 years to perfect. All future burners will feature automated fueling as represented in the patent application.

Copy of CB master LH ISO

I can be reached at info@flashsteam.com

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