Corn Burners – Solid Fuel Burners

burner1 burner2
This external combustion chamber burns “feed corn”. And is the main heat source for the flash steam heat exchanger which operates the four cycle steam engine.
 burner3 burner4
 burner5  burner6
 burner7  burner8
 This cornburner unit has remarkable performance. And uses only corn to generate these flames.
 burner9  burner10
 burner11  burner12

In this example the corn burner is “manual feed”. However we have also experimented with fully automated units. The “truth table of fuzzy logic control” will vary between “top feed and bottom fuel” feed burners. fortunately the fiber optic sensor is unaffected by the access door. All automated features are omitted on this model including the “agitator”. Due to space constraints of the complete system design. But in the automated units that we have worked with, the fuzzy logic schedule of fueling is always superior to the “on delay, off delay” of conventional timer circuits. Since fuzzy logic type of methodology will not to pack the combustion chamber full of corn due to flame out. The “if and then” scenario is determined by the fiber optic sensor. It will continually adjust timing sequences to match current environmental conditions (humidity, water content in the corn, etc.). This is generally superior to simple timing sequences. Even with these improvements the burner will operate with a “ebb and flood over time” type of affect with respect to the fire output. As is the case with most solid fuel burners. But it should be noted that a larger combustion chamber and unit, will lesson this “ebb and flood effect”. The design methods that we follow allow “never seen before performance” in corn burners. And the units that we build, carry this performance into larger sizes.



SAFE COMPONENT SELECTION—-When selecting a component, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble free performance. Component function, materials compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation, operation, and maintenance are the responsibility of the system designer and user.

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